Climate Plan - Energy

Climate Plan - Energy

Combustion in residential and commercial buildings is the main source of greenhouse gas emissions in the region. These emissions come from the energy needed to heat and cool our buildings, supply domestic hot water, lighting,...

Energy is therefore a logical priority for the Climate Plan of the City of Brussels:

  • drastically reduce energy consumption, particularly in buildings
  • produce and consume renewable energy locally
  • improve buildings to make heatwaves more bearable without air conditioning

Find out about all the financial aid and support available to help you save energy:

Energy - support from the City of Brussels and the Brussels-Capital Region (PDF, 337.71 KB) (in French)

Main objectives for energy

Targets for 2030:

  • 1 urban heating network in the city, developed in collaboration with Bruxelles Energie
  • 40% reduction in the energy consumption of the buildings of the City
  • 90 GWh/year, so doubling the city's photovoltaic production to 6 GWh

For the municipality:

  • Insulate the most energy-intensive public buildings
  • Set lower heating temperatures in winter and higher cooling temperatures in summer
  • Stepping up the energy renovation of social housing

For all the people of Brussels:

  • Develop energy communities to increase local renewable energy production and self-consumption
  • Set up support schemes to encourage access to Renolution grants

All actions:

All energy initiatives (PDF, 202.58 KB) (in French)