Commercial activities - information on grants

Grants or subsidies support and financially encourage non-profit organisations and associations of traders wishing to organise trade events (street or flea markets, light displays,...).

The aim of this grant is to promote and/or improve the economic dynamics of a trade district. These grants can also be used for projects related to employment, the online presence of a business, sustainable food choices, soft logistics, waste reduction and the circular economy.

Any non-profit organisation or association of traders wishing to promote the image of its shops or to organise a trade event such as a street or flea market, Christmas lighting, or any other event within the City of Brussels, may apply for a subsidy from the City.

List of documents needed to complete the online form:

  • Description of each project
  • Statutes as published in the Moniteur
  • Estimated budget for the financial year in question
  • Account and balance sheet: the latest approved
  • Management and financial report
  • Minutes of the last general meeting