Extract of Civil Registry certificates

An extract from the certificates of civil status is a certified copy of the certificate (birth, marriage, death, recognition, nationality) or judgment (divorce, adoption or descent) transcribed into the records of the Civil Registry.

How to apply?

  • At the e-Desk
  • By e-mail: etatcivil.dem@brucity.be
  • By mail
  • At the counters of the Administrative Centre of the City of the City of Brussels and the liaison offices of Laeken and North-East

Required documents

  • ID document (+ mandate and a copy of the identity document of the person concerned if the application is made by a third party)


  • Free

Waiting period

If the certificate is to serve in Belgium:

  • 3 days for a request by e-mail
  • immediately at the counter

If the certificate is to serve abroad:

  • 5 days at the counter
  • 7 working days for a request by e-mail