Living will - euthanasia

Anyone who is able to express his wishes, major or minor, and who has a national number, can record his living will concerning euthanasia. The declaration must also be signed by two witnesses, with at least one person who has no material interest in case of death, and possibly by adult counselors.

You have the option to register this declaration (with the municipal administration) in the database of the Federal Public Health Service, to which doctors have access. The declaration and registration must be renewed every five years.

How to apply?

  • Declaration form (PDF, 40.82 KB) (in French)
  • Registration of the declaration by appointment (via telephone or e-mail, see practical info)

Required documents

  • ID card
  • the completed declaration form for the registration of the declaration


  • Free

Waiting period

  • Immediately at the counter, to obtain the form
  • By appointment for the registration