Permit to open a business

The opening of a business involves a number of administrative steps that are subject to inspections by the municipal administration.

A change of town planning use

According to the regional decree of 12 December 2002, the following activities are subject to planning permits: a restaurant, a snack bar, a pub, café or any other business where it is possible to consume at the spot, eat or drink, a nightclub, a dancing, an amusement park, a party or theatre hall, a video library, a cinema, a hall for erotic shows, a night shop, peep shows, a sex shop, a private club, a laundromat, a gas station, (or) a business related to motor vehicles, or phone shop businesses,...

For the commercial implantation of more than 600 m²

These implants or extensions are subject to planning permits. The Department of Economic Affairs is working with the Urban Development Department for the analysis of the corresponding requests, depending on the precise socio-economic criteria.

Formalities prior to the opening of a catering business

The formalities that must be fulfilled before the opening of a catering business contain specific rules relating to, in particular, fire protection and hygiene.

A liability insurance will be demanded:

For the premises for the sale and consumption of drinks, a certificate of morality will be asked:

Specific limitations which are applicable to the night stores

The City of Brussels has a special regulation for night shops:

Compulsory insurance for certain types of activities

Certain locations are required to have a liability insurance. These are sites that are accessible to the public like catering locations, show halls, stadiums, hospitals and stations:

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