Climate Plan - Water

Essential to life, water is at the heart of the climate crisis. We need to be prepared for periods of water scarcity and periods of intense rainfall, with the risk of flooding as rivers overflow their banks and the sewage system becomes saturated. In Brussels, as in most cities, rainwater is discharged into the sewers rather than being used locally as a precious resource.

Climate Plan - Water

The Climate Plan proposes a framework for:

  • combating water wastage and pollution
  • limiting the risk of flooding by allowing rainwater to soak into the ground or to be stored and used where drinking water is not needed
  • using water as a source of cooling in cities during heatwaves

Discover all the solutions for preserving water:

Water - support from the City of Brussels and the Brussels-Capital Region (PDF, 365.69 KB) (in French)

Main objectives for water

Targets for 2030:

  • More or less 10 minutes' walk to reach a cool island
  • 40% reduction in water consumption in municipal buildings and in the maintenance of outdoor public spaces
  • 250,000 m2 of waterproofed surface area or disconnected from sewers in the Molenbeek catchment area priority intervention zone

For the municipality:

  • Implementing Integrated Rainwater Management (IWM) for all buildings and public spaces in priority flood control zones
  • Installing water leakage sensors in all public buildings

For all the people of Brussels:

  • Providing irrigation systems for urban agriculture projects
  • Increasing the number of rainwater recovery tanks
  • Creating an open-air bathing area

All actions:

All water initiatives (PDF, 157.72 KB) (in French)