Aid and services for people with disabilities

Diverse services intervene according to the type of the handicap, the recognition of the handicap and the support wanted.

At the federal level, the External site Public service of Social Security takes charge among others of allowances to disabled persons, of certificates, of parking and reduction cards and of increased child benefits.

Any application for a recognition of a disability or a disabled parking place is done via External site A computer is available at the Brucity Administrative Centre (Rue des Halles 4 - 1000 Brussels).

At the regional level, Iriscare is authorized to assist disabled people (assistance dogs, assistance with mobility, assistance budget, support in living assistance and home care, day centres,...):

The City of Brussels and the Public Welfare Centre have several services for disabled. Disabled can also call the free telephone number of the City of Brussels:

  • 0800 18 811

Information and complaints about accessibility

Political representation

Advisory council for disabled:

Sports and sports clubs for disabled

Demand of parking space for disabled

Guidance of disabled

If a person with disabilities needs personal guidance in carrying out his administrative procedures, he or she can contact the Citizen Affairs Department for information and an appointment:

  • Citizen Affairs Department
    Administrative Centre
    Rue des Halles 4
    1000 Brussels
    02 279 22 11

The Citizen Affairs Department offers a personal welcome by a qualified official who will guide the person from the entrance of the building to the place of his or her appointment.

Aid at home

Service flats

Centres and services for people with a mental handicap

Property service (housing for disabled)

Residence de Beaufort: Rue aux Laines 17 - 1000 Brussels (Tel. 02 511 40 97)
Residence Canler: Borgval 2 - 1000 Brussels (Tel. 02 513 71 06)
Residence Midi/Moineaux: Rue des Moineaux 10-12 - 1000 Brussels
Residence Heysel-Saint Lambert: Rue du Heysel 1-5 and 7 - 1020 Brussels (Laeken)