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The City of Brussels has various services, grants and projects for associations.

The Dutch-language cultural associations and institutions are represented in the:

Associations that seek cultural venues and stages can search in the:

The House of Families is a space which may be used by associations and local initiatives.

The City of Brussels has several Advisory Councils. These councils focus on specific areas or audiences. The members often consist of associations. 

The Jeunesse à Bruxelles association rents the premises it uses itself: the Salle de la Jeunesse (close to the Place Sainte-Catherine), the Salle de la Clé (Quai de l'Industrie) and the domain of Combreuil (close to Ronquières). More info on the renting of these premises for associations:

Sports halls, fields and venues of the City of Brussels can be rented as well:

If you seek cultural venues and stages you can search in the:

Each year, the City of Brussels launches project calls directed towards associations:

Looking for volunteers (or volunteer work)? Find (work for) volunteers for activities in Brussels: