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In the centre of the city, bikes are often faster than cars. The City of Brussels has bicycle racks and boxes, rental systems of bicycles, bicycle routes and a Bike Commission.

Bicycle racks

A good bike rack is important, because it allows the cyclists to park properly and avoid bike theft. The City also has bike boxes for local residents.

The City of Brussels opted for a U-model hanging down. Several hundreds of them were installed, mainly in the city centre. The City wants to replace all the older bike racks by this new type.

The demand for the placement of such a rack can be made by e-mail:

Bicycle boxes

The City of Brussels has bicycle boxes on its territory. A bicycle box is a box with key access that can accommodate 5 bikes from local residents.

The rent for a place costs 60 euro per year.


The applicant for a bicycle box must be living on the territory of the City. The places are allocated according to the order of the dates of the applications. A waiting list will be drawn up for each box.


The management of the bicycle boxes has been entrusted to the Cyclo association.

More info

More information about the user requirements, registration and the demand of a bike box:

There are several possibilities of renting a bike in the City of Brussels:

The ICR (regional bicycle routes) form a network of public roads that are fitted out to allow cyclists to ride in safety:

Bicycle highways are high-quality bicycle routes for cycling between cities (along rail, water or highways):

The theft of bicycles witholds lots of people from riding a bike in the city. Engraving is a good prevention measure. Lost bicycles can be found on the 'Found bicyles' website.


An active policy of prevention is thus indispensable.

Some recommendations:

  • Buy a quality padlock. Various models are available. Choose your padlock according to the value of your bicycle
  • Attach the frame of your cycle properly, even if the bicycle is left without surveillance during a limited time
  • Use a padlock allowing to block the back wheel
  • Register your bike


The website is the bicycle registration platform of the Brussels Capital Region. Everyone can register and identify his or her bicycle there with the help of a sticker, in order to reduce the risk of theft:

Found bikes

Lost or stolen non-registered bikes that are found by the police end up in a warehouse. On the website External site Bikebank and External site Page Veloflic Polbru (Facebook), people who have lost a bike in Brussels can look if their bicycle has been found.

The Central warehouse is located on the Chaussée de Louvain 661 - 1030 Brussels.

More info:

Each citizen can report the presence of an abandoned bicycle in the public space via External site Fix My Street (nature of the incident: garbage - abandoned bikes). If the bicycle is on the territory of the City of Brussels, the municipal services are responsible for applying a self-adhesive strip on the bicycle with an indication of an expected removal date 3 weeks later.

Self-adhesive strip abandoned bikes

If the owner has not come forward after 3 weeks, the abandoned bicycle will be taken to the central warehouse for found bicycles in Brussels. On the website External site Found bicycles, people who have lost a bike in Brussels can look if their bicycle has been found. The search can be according to various criteria.

The Central warehouse is located on the Chaussée de Louvain 661 - 1030 Brussels.

More info:

In 2019, the Bike Committee was transformed into the:

The Bike Committee consisted of representatives of the Alderman for Mobility and Public Space, of municipal and regional agents, the police zone and cycle associations.

The members of this committee discussed important elements of the cycle policy at the municipal level (cycle arrangements, parking for bicycles, cycling education in schools, prevention of bike theft, cycling within the administration, the events of promotion for bikes), cycling in parks,,...

Minutes of the meetings of the Bike Committee

The minutes of the meetings are only available in Dutch and French.

Links: associations for the promotion of the bike