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Cemetery of Neder-Over-Heembeek

The small local cemetery of Neder-Over-Heembeek, with an area of about one hectare, really looks like a garden.

De Ro family shrine

De Ro family shrine

This is definitely the most impressive monument at the cemetery. This family of notaries was the last owner of Meudon castle.

This eclectic monument is surmounted by an imposing cross while a veiled skull can be seen above a door. It is lying on a palm. A drape adorned with hourglass patterns falls either side of the skull. The bas-relief above depicts the three theological virtues: faith with the cross, hope represented by the anchor and charity with the heart. These three symbols are held by cherubs. The stained-glass windows inside the shrine depict the patron saints of two members of the De Ro family: St Charles Borromée and St George.

De Ro family shrine - skull on laurel

Selliers de Moranville family

The family owned a concession in the old cemetery. In this new cemetery, they acquired one of 30 plots to gather together members of the family buried in the parish cemetery. The monument bears the family escutcheon surmounted by a cross.

Recessed stones in the outer wall

These stones were transferred from the parish cemetery of St Peter and St Paul. Most of the stones come from the tombs of religious and prominent figures.

​​Monument to fallen soldiers

Monument to fallen soldiers, with its central roundabout. Visitors are impressed by this monument with its rampant lion. It bears the names of ten soldiers who fell in battle.


"They fought for

Justice and Freedom

Their sacrifice brings us

Victory and Peace.



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