Climate Plan - Economy

Climate Plan - Economy

With almost 20,000 businesses located within its boundaries, including more than 3,500 shops, as well as numerous organisations in the social profit sector, the City of Brussels wants to help the socio-economic sector to take action in favour of the climate and local employment.

The Climate Plan provides a framework for:

  • Developing short circuits and the circular economy
  • Offering eco-responsible products and services
  • Reducing the environmental impact of activities
  • Encouraging local, non-dislocatable employment sectors

Find out about all the aid and support for economic players:

Economy - support from the City of Brussels and the Brussels-Capital Region (PDF, 356.69 KB) (in French)

Main objectives for economy

Targets for 2030:

  • 5 shops a year are awarded the 'second hand' label
  • 10 minutes to access utility services in as many neighbourhoods as possible
  • Every new market in the City must aim for a zero waste policy

For the municipality:

  • Developing campaigns to raise awareness of the Climate Plan and promote local craft industries

For all the people of Brussels:

  • Supporting the creation of sustainable logistics hubs in the region
  • Developing alternatives to patio heaters (such as Wollekes)
  • Improving waste recovery and reconditioning at the Place du Jeu de Balle market
  • Developing training courses to meet the needs of the trades of the future (market gardening, insulation,...)
  • Supporting the hotel and catering industry in obtaining the Good Food label

All actions:

All economy initiatives (PDF, 146.51 KB) (in French)