Driving licence

With a driving licence, you can, after passing the practical driving test, drive a motorized vehicle on public roads.

After passing your theory test, you can obtain a provisional licence that allows you to learn to drive (with or without a supervisor).

How to apply?

Required documents

  • ID card or residence card
  • A recent photo


For a provisional driving licence without supervisor (valid for 18 months)

  • The request form delivered by the examination centre
  • The certificate issued by a driving school (20 hours of driving lessons)

For a provisional driving licence with supervisor (valid for 36 months)

  • The request form delivered by the examination centre with information on the supervisor(s). If the supervisor cannot be present, he or she must provide the applicant with a copy of his/her card and driving licence. He or she must sign the application.

For a driving licence or category changes

  • The request form delivered by the examination centre after passing the practical exam
  • The (provisional or final) driving licence which has to be changed
  • The medical certificate delivered by a recognized centre for categories C and D

For a duplicate of a (final or provisional) driving licence

  • The certificate of declaration of loss or theft delivered by the police

For the registration of a European driving licence

You must register your European driving licence as soon as you are registered in a Belgian municipality.

  • European driving licence
  • ID or residence card
  • 5 euros

The exchange of a European driving licence depends on the model:

  • A driving licence with an expiry date: you can exchange your driving licence no more than 3 months before the expiry date
  • A driving licence without an expiry date: you must exchange your driving licence within 2 years after your registration in Belgium

For other situations, you can contact the service for an appointment via e-mail or telephone.

For the exchange of a non-European driving licence

Some non-European driving licences are recognized and exchangeable in Belgium. To know whether your driving licence is exchangeable, you must come to the Driving Licence Service by appointment.

  • ID or residence card
  • Non-European driving licence
  • 5 euros

For an international driving licence

  • Belgian or European driving licence

Note: your European driving licence must first be registered. Getting an international driving licence may therefore take longer.


  • 30 euros (payment preferably with Bancontact)

Waiting period

  • 2 working days (except for an international driving licence, which is made immediately)