Urban vegetable garden training

The Skyfarms association (in collaboration with the City of Brussels) offers free support to people involved in urban vegetable gardens. The association guides groups of people who want to turn their roof, terrace or garden into a vegetable garden.

This professional guidance is free.

Which courses?

  • Module 1 Growth plan
  • Module 2 Sowing and planting
  • Module 3 Soil: mulching and fertility
  • Module 4 Maintenance of vegetable plants
  • Module 5 Designing an irrigation system
  • Module 6 Treatment of plant diseases
  • Module 7 Compost, worm composting, bokashi
  • Module 8 Cultivation of chicory
  • Module 9 Cuttings, division, propagation
  • Module 10 Fruit trees in the city
  • Module 11 Aromatic and medicinal plants
  • Module 12 Edible forest
  • Module 13 Creating a roof garden
  • Module 14 Sowing and growing in a greenhouse
  • Module 15 Growing indoors
  • Module 16 Creating a herbal tea garden
  • Module 17 Growing mushrooms
  • Module 18 Co-management of a vegetable garden

You can also benefit from a module adapted to the needs of your garden.


  • For groups: the number of persons is at least 4 households
  • Maximum 2 training modules per group

How to register?

To register, please fill in the registration form (in French).

Skyfarms will then contact you to arrange a date for the training. In order to meet all requests, the number of courses and modules per group/association is limited.

More info?

Created on 01/02/2021 (modified on 04/07/2022)


Urban vegetable garden training