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Jonction sustainable district contract

Jonction sustainable district contract

The Jonction district contract is the 16th district contract in the City of Brussels. It involves the quarter of the North-South axis (Jonction) in the centre of Brussels.

This sustainable district contract covers the Jonction district for the period 2014-2018 and develops around a pilot project that aims to make the immediate area around the North-South axis enjoyable. In addition to this pilot project, new sports infrastructure, two spaces for young children and various accommodation facilities will be built.

For four years, different socio-economic projects wil strengthen the identity of the neighborhood, social cohesion, quality of life and welfare of the residents.

The perimeter of the district contract (2.45 MB) falls within the zone of the Pentagon and is located along the tracks of the North-South railway.

This perimeter has been partially taken over by two previous district contracts: Tanneurs (2000-2004) and Rouppe (2008-2012).

The regulation of the project call is only available in Dutch and French.

The City of Brussels (11 million euros), the External siteBrussels Capital Region (11 million euros) and External siteBeliris (3,125,000 euros) invest more than 25 million, over a period of 4 years, from 2015 to 2018, for the renovation of the Jonction quarter. The financial resources for operations outside the district contract have to be added. In total, more than 28 million euros will thus be invested.

Two additional years are needed for the execution of the works (2019-2020).

Publications are only available in French and Dutch.