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Masui sustainable district contract

Parc de la Senne © Séverin Malaud

Masui is the 13th district contract awarded by the Brussels Capital Region to the City of Brussels. The district contract is in its yard phase between 2015 and 2016.


The perimeter of the study includes the area between the Allée verte (West), the angle of the Rue Masui and the Chaussée d'Anvers (South), the Rue des Palais (North) and the municipal limit with Schaerbeek (East).

Redevelopment of the quarter

The old Senne bed, which runs through the heart of the neighborhood, has been completely redeveloped to create an urban park that reconnects this neighborhood with the rest of the city. The old abandoned warehouses and urban blights have disappeared and are giving way to new housing with a social purpose and community facilities open to the neighborhood.

In 2019, the Masui sustainable district contract includes:

  • 32 new social housing units
  • a structure dedicated to youth (Locomotive Youth Centre)
  • an extension of nursery places (avenue de la Reine)
  • an extension of the school infrastructure at the Rue Cogge and the construction of a gym and a multipurpose room, accessible to the public outside class hours
  • a new urban park (carried by External siteBrussels Environment)


The documents presenting the contract are only available in Dutch and French.