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Les Marolles sustainable district contract

Les Marolles sustainable district contract

The Marolles is the 17th district contract in the City of Brussels.

The perimeter of the Marolles sustainable district contract has been extended by the Brussels Capital Region.

The perimeter is located along the following route: the Rue des Tanneurs from the Boulevard du Midi, the Rue St Ghislain, the Rue Blaes, the Place de la Chapelle, the Rue Haute, the Rue des Chandeliers, the Rue de la Samaritaine, the Rue du Temple, the Rue des Minimes, the Rue du Faucon, the Rue Wynants, the Rue aux Laines, the Rue Héger-Bordet, the Boulevard de Waterloo and the Boulevard du Midi to the crossing with the Rue des Tanneurs. 

In 2019, the Marolles sustainable district contract launched the first edition of the call for citizens' initiatives Made in Marolles to support the residents and associations that want to improve life in their neighborhood. The 4th edition now makes available a support of 500 to 10,000 euros for the most ambitious and creative projects.

Regulation and forms

Download the regulation and fill in the application form (before 8 November 2021 at noon). The regulation and forms are only available in French and Dutch.

How to be part of the jury?

  • Send an e-mail to before 8 November 2021 and make an appointment at the district contract office, Rue de l'Hectolitre 1 - 1000 Brussels.

Need help? Make an appointment:

Winning projects

Next video shows the winners of the Made in Marolles 3 project call (in French, with subtitles in French):

Next video shows a summary of the winners of the Made in Marolles 3 project call (in French, with subtitles in French):

Revaluation of public neighborhood spaces (3rd project call)

Operation 5.03 of the socio-economic program of the district contract provides for an operation called 'revaluation of public neighborhood spaces'.

This project aims at financing the actions related to the animation, the revaluation, the activation and the appropriation of public spaces.

To participate, candidates must submit their application file(s) no later than 7 June 2021 before midnight.

Documents in French:

Documents in Dutch:

As part of the district contract, the City of Brussels made a master plan for the restoration and programming of the Baths of the Centre. An architectural office is now carrying out the study and restoration of the Baths. The architectural project includes:

  • Renovated and/or restored sports facilities (including changing rooms, accessibility for people with reduced mobility and reception of the public)
  • A refurbished cafeteria
  • A study on the possibility of integrating the terrace of the 4th floor as an outdoor space of the cafeteria
  • A complete renovation of the social showers (with the adaptation of some showers to make them accessible to families and people with reduced mobility)
  • A renovation project keeping the Baths of the Centre open as long as possible during the works


Past events:

Neighbourhood festival 2022

Marolles neighbourhood festival (20.69 MB) + Schedule - Marolles neighbourhood festival (5.23 MB) (14 September 2022)

Next video shows the Marolles neighbourhood festival 2022 (in French, with subtitles in French and Dutch):

Neighbourhood festival 2021

Party of the Marolles (2.23 MB) (15 September 2021)

Neighbourhood festival 2020

Marolles party (5.76 MB) + Schedule 'Marolles party' (5.24 MB) (9 September 2020)

Opening drink 2019

Opening drink of the District contract office (285.41 KB) (2 October 2019)

The City of Brussels and the External siteBrussels Capital Region (14.125.000 euros) invest in the renovation of the Marolles quarter over a period of 50 months, from 2018 to 2022.

30 additional months are provided for the execution of the works (2022-2024). The dynamic nature of the district contract thus continues after 4 years: renovation works for public space and the construction of homes and infrastructure. 

The publications of the Marolles district contract are only available in Dutch and French.