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Jardin aux Fleurs sustainable district contract

Jardin aux Fleurs sustainable district contract

The Jardin aux Fleurs - Bloemenhof contract is the 14th district contract that was awarded to the City of Brussels by the Brussels Capital Region.

The sustainable district contract Jardin aux Fleurs - Bloemenhof covers the Jardin aux Fleurs district for 2012-2015. The contract is in its yard phase between 2016 and 2017.

The perimeter of the district contract (943.99 KB) is between the Boulevard de l'Abbatoir (West), and the Rue d'Anderlecht, Rue d'Artevelde (South and South-East), Rue Saint Christophe (East) and Rue du Houblon (North).

The perimeter has been partially taken over by two previous district contracts: Rempart des moines - Papenvest (1997-2001) and Artevelde (2003-2007).

The City of Brussels (11 million euros), the External siteBrussels Capital Region (11 million euros) and the Federal Public Service for Mobility and Transport (External siteBeliris) (3.125 million) invest over 25 million euros over a period of four years, from 2012 to 2015, for the renovation of the Jardin aux Fleurs district. The financial resources for operations outside the district contract have to be added to these investments. In total, more than 39 million euros will be invested.

Two additional years are provided for the execution of the works (2016-2017). The dynamic character of the district contract continues after 4 years: renovation funds for the public space and building houses, among others the Fontainas project.

The documents (reports of meetings, presentations, maps,...) are only available in Dutch and French.


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