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Parks and gardens

Brussels is one of the most green European capitals. Lots of parks and gardens are present in the city. Each of them possess their own history, organization, sculptures, architecture, trees,...

The terms of use of the parks and playgrounds of the City of Brussels:

Regulation of parks, green spaces and playgrounds managed by the City of Brussels (254.72 KB) (in French and Dutch)

Authorization for activities

Parks, green spaces and playgrounds of the City of Brussels are ideal places to organize events. To be able to organize these events, a demand of authorization must be introduced at the City of Brussels:

Application for the organization of an event

Before filling the form, some important rules in parks:

  • Electricity: all the sites not being equipped by the City, the organizer will have to ask for an opening at External siteSibelga.
  • Water: the organizer will introduce an official demand at External siteVivaqua, the intermunicipal water company.
  • Cleaning: the organizer must keep the site clean during and after the activity.
  • Infrastructures: the City of Brussels refuses any installation of infrastructure on lawns as well as any suspension of material in trees or on plants.
  • Vehicles: the City of Brussels accepts only exceptionally the access of vehicles in parks, green spaces and playgrounds. Any parking is forbidden.
  • Fire: flames (thus barbecues) are forbidden in green spaces, except in places especially made for that purpose.
  • Guarantee and fee: for each occupation, a guarantee is required, an additional charge depends on the type of activity.

Any demand of activity in a classified site is subjected to the authorization of External

If the green space is managed by the Brussels Capital Region, the request has to be done in writing to External siteBruxelles Environnement.

The Bois de la Cambre can also be closed to traffic at certain times for security reasons or because of the weather. More info:

Traffic at the Bois de la Cambre