If you wish to travel beyond the borders of the European Union (EU), you usually need a passport. The passport is a travel document that is required to travel in all countries where the ID card is not sufficient as a travel document.

Before your departure you should check which document is required for your destination country.

How to apply?

  • Passport application: only by appointment (except for urgent and very urgent requests)
  • Passport collection: at the counter, without an appointment, or delivery at home

Required documents

  • ID card
  • Old passport or police certificate of theft
  • For the passport of a minor:
    • a photo if the request concerns a child under 3 years old (from 3 years old, the photo is taken directly at the counter)​
    • ID card of the parent who accompanies the child (+ ID card of the child). This parent must be the parent with whom the child is staying.
    • If the child is under guardianship: the judgment proving that the guardian may request a passport for the child
    • the presence of the child is required at the time of the request


  • Normal procedure: 90 euros (above 18 years) or 60 euros (under 18 years)
  • Urgent procedure: 260 euros (above 18 years) or 230 euros (under 18 years)
  • Very urgent procedure: 320 euros (above 18 years) or 290 euros (under 18 years)
  • Payment preferably with Bancontact

Please note: the City Council of 27 March 2017 considered it necessary to introduce a tax for the renewal of electronic ID cards, electronic residence cards and electronic passports following the loss or theft of these documents and this as a result of: the need to fight against identity fraud and due to the high workload associated with these applications.

  • Renewal following the 2nd loss/theft of a passport in the last 36 months: 180 euros
  • Renewal following the 3rd loss/theft of a passport in the last 36 months: 260 euros

Waiting period

  • normal procedure: 8 working days
  • urgent procedure: 24 hours (the working day after the request if it is submitted before 3 pm)
  • very urgent procedure: 4h30 (the same day if the request was submitted before 11 am, the passport must be collected at the counter of the Interior Affairs FPS (Rue des Colonies 11 - 1000 Brussels)

Collection of a passport

  • At the counter, without an appointment (in the office where the request was made)
  • Home delivery, additional costs: 12.50 euros

Passport for Belgian nationals with residence abroad

A Belgian national with residence abroad can obtain a passport at the Belgian Consulate of the country where he or she lives. If he or she stays temporarily in Belgium, he/she can also obtain the passport at:

  • his/her last place of residence in Belgium
  • his/her municipality of birth (if he or she has never lived in Belgium before)
  • the municipality of his/her choice (if he or she has never lived in Belgium before and was not born in Belgium)

This passport will allow him or her to travel to another country or to return to his country of residence.

Loss or theft