Population certificates

The Population certificates are compiled according to your information contained in the National Register, and, as the case may be, they prove the composition of your family and the relationship with the reference person of the family, the address of your principal place of residence, your Belgian nationality, your choice regarding the manner of burial and/or rituals, your state of Belgian voter, your legal cohabitation, your state (living). You can also obtain an extract from the National Register.

The certificates can be submitted legally to any government or organization that asks you for this information.

How to apply?

You are in possession of an electronic ID or residence card:

  • Online: via the e-Desk
  • At the computer boxes in the Administrative Centre and the liaison offices

You do not have an electronic ID or residence card: at the counter

Required documents

  • ID card or residence card
  • PIN code (e-Desk)


  • Free

Waiting time

  • Immediately