Street trading

There are several ways of street trading on the territory of the City of Brussels: a trader can register for a market in the city, apply for an individual location in the public space, participate in fairs, rummage sales, flea markets or temporary events. All these places are managed through a regulation and supervised by the Trade Unit.

Stands on markets

The City of Brussels organizes a dozen of outdoor markets. Some of them offer food, others are more artistic, such as the Antique Market on the Sablon, the market at the Jeu de Balle, the craft market at the Place Agora,...

Some stands are dedicated to a specific product. There are two ways to occupy a place in a market:

  • per subscription: the applications may be submitted after notification of a vacancy or at any other time
  • from day to day (at least 5% of the total number of places), upon presentation of the authorization of the Trade Unit the places are given by drawing lots at the opening of the market. The place is to be paid on the spot.

Stands in public space

On the territory of the City, around 170 places are intended for the itinerant trade, including a Food Truck Trail (with about 20 places which are used in rotation), kiosks, ice cream sales, stands during matches at the King Baudouin Stadium,... The list of these sites is constantly evolving and has been approved by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen. Candidacies can be submitted to the Commercial Events Unit following an announcement of a free space or at any other time.

Stands at fairs

The City of Brussels organizes fairs on its territory, such as the Midi Fair, the fair of Laeken,... The travelling fair operators can get a contract for 5 years for a spot or apply for a free spot. Candidacies can be submitted to the Commercial Events Unit following an announcement of a free spot.

Stand at rummage sales, flea markets and other festivities

To obtain a spot near an event, an application should be submitted at least 4 weeks before the event accompanied by a written consent of the organizer of the event.

If the location is just inside the perimeter of the event, then the application should be submitted directly to the organizer of the event.

The Commercial Events Unit will give you the contact details of the organizers and the perimeter of the event.

To register for a market, fair or public space?

In order to get a stand at a market, fair or in public space, an application must be submitted to the Markets Unit or the Commercial Events Unit of the City, either directly at their counter or through a registered letter.

Every application shall be accompanied by the application form and the documents that are listed in this form.

Call for candidates

The City of Brussels regularly publishes notices of free sites for its fairs, markets and itinerant trade. The list of current notifications and deadlines can be found here.