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Architectural and artistic heritage

The architectural and artistic heritage of the City consists of listed buildings and landscapes, city landmarks and art, a religious heritage and monuments.

The City of Brussels has numerous goods, complexes and landscapes that enjoy legal protection, buildings, streets, squares, trees, parks and archaeological sites. The management of this heritage is a regional competence.

To distinguish:

  • Protected property owned by individuals or higher authorities (Region, County, State): the Region and more specifically the Monuments and Sites Service is responsible for all issues relating to preservation of architectural heritage.
  • Protected property belonging to the City: these are managed by the City and works are subject to authorization and supervision by the Region.

List of protected goods

The Monuments and Sites Service of the Region maintains External site a list of goods that enjoy a legal protection measure.


The City has 272 monuments, including 63 fountains and 32 contemporary artworks.

To distinguish:

  • Architectural elements of fountains and ponds along public roads and in the parks
  • The monuments, often commemorating, the inscriptions, the placards (such as memorials of World War I)
  • The sculptures along public roads and in the parks
  • Contemporary art


The churches are nearly all classified. The daily management of churches and chapels is observed by the Church. Nevertheless, repair and restoration are usually done by the City. Specifically, the Historic Heritage Unit is responsible for the administration of 28 churches and five presbyteries.

The grave heritage includes the four cemeteries of the City, located in Laeken, Evere, Neder-Over-Heembeek and Haren. The first two are classified as landscape and most of their tombs and relics enjoy a legal and specific protection.