Climate Plan - Biodiversity

Climate Plan - Biodiversity

Nature is an essential ally in the climate crisis: not only on a global scale, where certain ecosystems capture CO2, but also on the scale of a city like Brussels, to adapt to the effects of climate change.

The Climate Plan aims to make the City of Brussels a greener, more biodiversity-friendly place.

Find out about all the help and support you can receive to encourage biodiversity:

Biodiversity - support from the City of Brussels and the Brussels-Capital Region (PDF, 390.37 KB) (in French)

Main objectives for biodiversity

Targets for 2030:

  • 100% of the green spaces of the City with the 'Nature Network' label
  • 1 local green space or park within 10 minutes of each resident
  • 8 trees planted per birth

For the municipality:

  • Replacing certain lawns with flower meadows and late mowing
  • Introducing eco-pasturing to combat invasive plants
  • Training municipal staff in botany
  • Planting 8 trees in public spaces for each new-born child in the town
  • Labelling all the city's parks as 'Nature Network' parks

For all the people of Brussels:

  • Having the Tree Charter adopted to plant the right species in the right places and in the right way
  • Creating new green spaces and Pocket Parks throughout the area
  • Greening and making permeable 7 inner blocks at the Marolles

All actions:

All biodiversity initiatives (PDF, 263.81 KB) (in French)