Open government

In this section, the City of Brussels publishes the information referred to in the 'Joint Decree and Ordinance of 16 May 2019 of the Brussels Capital Region, the Common Community Commission and the French Community Commission on open government in the Brussels institutions' and the Brussels Housing Code.

Document describing the powers, organization and working methods of the administrative government:

Inventory of the grants awarded during the previous year:






Calls for candidates and terms and conditions of recruitment, promotion or replacement for all positions. The general terms and conditions for recruitment and promotion are determined in the City staff regulations.

Current vacancies

Administrative & financial staff regulations

Closed job offers

Decisions on recruitment, promotion, replacement for the posts of level A officials:

Updated list of all office (cabinet) members who are employed in the service of the Mayor and the Aldermen:

Approved environmental plans and programs, spatial planning plans and schemes, urban development regulations and guidelines for the environment and spatial planning, as well as the environmental impact report associated with the aforementioned environmental information:

Town planning permits, subdivision permits and their amendments that were subject to an environmental impact statement or an impact study:

Environmental permits, as well as the permit changes, the splits of environmental permits, the renewals of environmental permits, the changes in conditions for the operation of classified establishments and the suspensions and withdrawals of environmental permits for which an environmental impact statement or an impact study has been drawn up:

In the event of an immediate threat to human health or the environment, whether caused by human activities or by natural causes, any information likely to enable the population likely to be affected to take action to avoid the threat or limit resulting damage:

​Nuclear and chemical (Seveso) risk: