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Digital Cleanup Day 2024

Saturday 16 March 2024 is Digital Cleanup Day. The City of Brussels is taking part, and you?

Floya app brings together all modes of transport in Brussels

With Floya, a new app from STIB, you can plan, book and pay for various modes of transport in Brussels.

'Livre des Éternels': stories of elderly people at the Marolles

The Livre des Éternels is the result of the work of the association À Travers les Arts and photographer Vincen Beeckman, as part of the Marolles sustainable district contract.

Walking routes in Neder-Over-Heembeek

This map highlights new themed walks in Neder-Over-Heembeek and Mutsaard, offering a gateway to discover possible paths and routes in these green neighbourhoods rich in heritage.

Smoke detectors mandatory in Brussels from 2025

From January 2025, smoke detectors will be compulsory in all homes in the Brussels Capital Region. But don't wait until then because they protect you in case of fire.

Days for online data security

28 January 2024 is Data Protection Day and 6 February 2024 is Safer Internet Day. In this context and within the framework of its Digital Rights Charter, the City of Brussels encourages any awareness-raising action on this subject.

Works at the Square Marguerite Duras

The Square Marguerite Duras is being redeveloped. The works started mid-February 2024.

A box of iodine tablets at home?

In the event of a nuclear accident, taking iodine tablets is an important protective measure. Ask for a box from your pharmacist.

Statbel labour force survey

Statbel, the Belgian Statistics Office, is conducting a labour force survey at some households in the City of Brussels. The selected households will be notified by letter (from January to December 2024).

A cool colleague! Do you know Vanessa?

The City has a policy of diversity, non-discrimination and equal opportunities and is primarily looking for talent. Read the testimony of one of the City's workers here.