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Cool and visible on the bike? The practical tips

There are lots of nice and cool ways to stay visible on the road (as a cyclist). The tips of the #JeSorsJeBrille - #ZieMeShinen campaign might be very useful.

Street art wall at the Athénée Marguerite Yourcenar

A new street art work is now visible at the walls of the Athénée Marguerite Yourcenar in the Rue Claessens in Laeken.

Orange Day campaign

Last week, amazing statements appeared on this website. These statements were entrusted to us by employees of the City of Brussels.

81 containers for used oils

The City of Brussels continues to collect used oil: the entire municipality will receive 81 containers. In these red containers ('OlioBoxes') people may leave used frying oils and fats at any time.

New comic book wall at Alhambra quarter

This mural by Dominique Goblet was inaugurated on Saturday 10 November 2018 at the Rue Saint-Jean Népomucène (Alhambra quarter in the centre of Brussels).

Newspaper 'Faux Soir' celebrates 75th anniversary

The National Museum of Resistance and the Archives of the City of Brussels are working together to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the publication of a false newspaper of Le Soir. This newspaper was published by the Independence Front in Brussels on 9 November 1943.