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Zero waste tours in Brussels

Four zero waste tours in Brussels (at the De Wand, Sainte-Catherine, European and Peter Benoit quarters) help citizens to reduce their waste.

Call for zero waste market vendors

The City of Brussels is looking for zero waste market vendors for its Place Sainte-Catherine market (on Saturdays).

New school and passive housing at the Rue de la Senne

The City of Brussels is building a new Dutch-language primary school at the Rue de la Senne (Zennestraat) 80-88 and 94 (good for 240 new pupils). The works are expected to end in the spring of 2022.

Rue Neuve visitors in realtime

Watch in realtime how many visitors there are at the Rue Neuve - Nieuwstraat shopping street in Brussels.

Advantages of carsharing?

The '' network developed a tool to easily calculate the financial benefit of carsharing compared to having your own car. You can also compare the different formulas of carsharing providers.