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2024 budget of the City of Brussels

The general presentation and all details of the 2024 budget of the City of Brussels are now available (in Dutch and French). The municipal budget contains all the expenses and revenue which a municipality is going to make.

Maintenance works on train tracks in Brussels

Maintenance works will be carried out on the railway infrastructure in Brussels (between Brussels-Midi and Brussels-North among others). These works may cause inconvenience to local residents.

Fireworks prohibited in Brussels

The use of fireworks (skyrockets and firecrackers) is prohibited by the General police regulation in Brussels.

Cold wave plan

The City of Brussels set up a new cold wave plan for the winter. People who suffer from isolation or who are in a precarious situation can take their precautions and contact 0800 35 550.

Support of Vahid Afkari and Dorgelesse N'guessan

The City of Brussels 'adopts' two new persons at risk: Vahid Afkari and Dorgelesse N'guessan. This double adoption is part of the city's participation in Amnesty International's Ville Lumières label, a network that brings together cities and municipalities that stand up for the freedoms, values ​​and rights that are the basis of democracy.

#JoinTheFam campaign against sexual harassment and assault and launched the #JoinTheFam campaign against sexual harassment and assault. Watch the video below.