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Discover the Marolles via Marolles TV

Marolles TV is a dynamic web TV that reflects the richness of the Marolles. It gives residents and shopkeepers the chance to promote their neighbourhood.

How to save energy?

Find out how to reduce energy consumption in your home in heating, hot water, cooking and lighting.

Christmas lights in the shopping streets 'Brussels by Lights'

The shopping streets in Brussels have special lights during the Christmas festivities, as part of the 11th edition of Brussels by Lights. This year, the project includes 168 streets, including 8 new.

Registrations school year 2024-2025

The procedure of registration for schools in the City of Brussels is different according to the language of the school: Dutch-language or French-language.

Christmas tree at the Grand-Place

The Christmas tree is installed at the Grand-Place of Brussels till 7 January 2024.

Orange waste bag mandatory

From May 2023, some rules in rubbish collection will change: the orange bag (exclusively for organic kitchen waste) will become compulsory, and in Haren and Neder-Over-Heembeek, the collection of the white rubbish bags will only take place once a week from then on.